Whatever we do begins with a conversation around the question:

What do you want to achieve?

We deliver measurable success to clients by engaging with their people, understanding their needs, pinpointing problems and opportunities, and developing creative solutions.

Our work revolves around engaging with stakeholders both inside and outside your organisation to hear their views and opinions and using the insights gleened to create better outcomes.


Working with Julian is a breath of fresh air. He delivers over and above the brief on time and on budget.

Samantha France

Marketing Manager, QinetiQ

Inside Out Marketing,
brand development and websites

We understand your brand from the inside by engaging with your stakeholders and hearing how it is for them. We then use the power of ideas to communicate the heart of your message and bring it to life for your audience. We use technology to solve real problems and deliver measurable results.

Clients include The Open University, The Open Data Institute and QinetiQ.

Change communications, stakeholder engagement and internal marketing

Many change programmes fail or under-deliver because of poor communication with stakeholders. We engage with your audience, explain why change needs to happen and listen to their needs. When your stakeholders feel heard, they buy in to achieving the outcome. We use the insights gleaned to develop powerful internal marketing solutions that ‘sell’ sometimes difficult messages to employees.

Clients include Boehringer Ingelheim, London Underground, Pearson, Unipart and The RAC

Thanks again for all your work – a brilliant piece of work, and I’m delighted.

James Knight

Director - Roadside Operations, The RAC

In ten years I have never received so many positive emails about a training module.

Leo Quinn

Group CEO, Balfour Beatty plc

Putting learning at the heart of your organisation

The skills, motivation and knowledge of your employees are key to delivering exceptional results. That’s why we help our clients put learning at the heart of their business strategy. We work with partner companies to develop bespoke learning programmes that are innovative, engaging and deliver results. 

Clients include Balfour Beatty, QinetiQ and NSL.


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